Brandmeister UK

Useful links, to help you get stated on Brandmeister UK

General Info  
01. UK Dashboard 02. UK Lastheard
        IRL Lastheard 
03. UK Repeaters 04. Using UK Repeaters
05. United Kingdom WiKi page
06. Access Talk Groups
07. Repeater & Gateway Keepers
08. BrandMeister API keys
09. **You must setup SelfCare**
10. Get a 7dig ID Number
11. Acceptable use on 2350 / 4400 12. Brandmeister APRS 
13. Sending APRS Text & Talker Alias 14. DMR Text Message
15. DMR ID Lookup 16. TOT - Radio Timeout Timer
17. Videos 18. Making a Private Call
19. Brandmeister News 20. UK Reflectors and Talk Groups
21. BrandMeister Last Heard Option 22. UK APRS - 234999 not 5057
23. IRL APRS - 272999 not 5057
24. UK Echo/Parrot 9990 Private Call
25. IRL Echo/Parrot 272997 Private Call 26. DMR is like making a phone call
27. Simplex (Not to be used by Hotspots)
50. AirSecurity 51. Hotspot Security
52. Playing with Pi-Star 53. Hotspot BER rate
54. Voice message, User blocked 55. Hotspot Users
56. Pi-Star Download 57. **You must setup SelfCare**
58. Pi-Star W1MSG Videos 434.000 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot
  438.800 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot
60. Build MMDVM Hotspot 61. Voice message, Access Denied
62. Hotspot Offset Calibration 63. Dynamic and Static Talkgroups on Brandmeister
64. BrandMeister API keys
65. Access Denied
66. Pi-Star FAQ
80. Ireland Last Heard 81. Ireland Talk Groups
82. Ireland WiKi  
90. 91. Download Talkgroups
92. BM Security Features 93. Hose Line
94. DMR Repeaters 95. Radio Data Base Download Tools

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Buy HotSpots & Radios

DVMega OpenSpot MMDVM Simplex
TYT UV MD380 (V+U)
Retevis RT3s (V+U)
Ailunce HD1 (V+U)
Retevis RT90 (V+U)
TYT MD380 (V-U)
Retevis RT3 (V-U)
TYT MD-9600 (V+U)
Hytera (V-U)
Motorola (V-U)
Retevis RT82 (V+U)
TYT MD 2017 (V+U)
FCC Bombshell on Chinese Handhelds ANYTONE AT-D578UV (V+U)  
Shop around for best prices (V+U) = VHF and UHF (V-U) = VHF or UHF

 Hytera & Motorola make sure it is Ham bands and not the Commercial Bands




UK Repeater & Gateway Keepers

Would you be so kind to join this group on Telegram

This group is for UK Repeater & Gateway Keepers Only.
When you join this group, please post your Repeater or Gateway Callsign.

The group is to let all Keepers have direct access to each other and the Brandmeister UK Admins.  

 Download Telegram on this link